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Nature Magick for Hearth & Healing

nature magick in hearth & healing

“The power of nature exists in its silence. Human words cannot encode the meaning because human language has access only to the shadow of meaning.” 
― Malidoma Patrice Somé


everyday nature magick

magick... anything that moves a person close to fulfilling their ultimate destiny, one's True Will. Magick doesn't have to be metaphysical. Any action, mundane or magical, that helps fulfill one's True Will is magick. Magic originates largely from the worker and perhaps items used by the worker. Miracles are solely at the discretion of a supernatural being. Likewise, prayers are requests for intervention, while magick is an attempt to create change on one's own. Magick is finding your connection to the Earth and all that is natural, alive and moving in the universe! It binds all that exists together. Magick is living in balance with the flow of life, and knowing that you are a vital force within that flow. Magick is everywhere! In the trees, rain, stars, and in the sea. It is the spark that quickens a seed to rise up from the soil. Magick is laughter, joy, wonder and truth of the world around us! It is the subtle enchantment that reminds us not to waste a single moment of this gift that we call life! Magick is not greed, or power, or pretense... It is real. It exists. And it works. Magick is the mystery that lies in the secret soul of the world. It is the essence of creation. What we imagine, we have the power to create! MAGICK IS WITHIN YOU... With it you can create your dreams, heal your world, love your life and find the peace that lives in every human heart. —Author Unknown


When we talk of ritual, we are talking about the interweaving of individual persons and gifts into a community that interacts with the forces of the natural world.  We are talking of a gathering of people with a clear healing vision and a trusting intent toward the forces of the invisible world

— malidoma patrice somé


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